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Electron Beam Welding (EBW) uses high-energy electrons to join materials:

Electron Beam Welding (EBW)

Key Hole Welding

Key Hole Welding)

Fundamental benefits of Electron Beam Welding

How Ebflow Works

CVE has developed a local vacuum EB welding system which can be readily transported and operated on site and applied to structures significantly larger than can be accommodated in a vacuum chamber.

Ebflow eliminates the need for a vacuum chamber through a local, coarse vacuum which is established and maintained only where it is needed.

High performance EBW can take place in any plant where large components are welded on a large scale as long as adequate shielding from X-Rays can be provided. Using a system of sliding seals and precision handling enables fast longitudinal and circumferential welds on large work pieces.

A coarse vacuum is ideal for thick section welding – achieving the fastest thick section welding rates ever.

There is no filler wire, the autogenous weld can be heat treated and the weld rendered metallurgically indistinguishable from the parent material.

Coarse Vacuum

Coarse vacuum operation
Ebflow’s differential pumping and RF heated diode gun allow for operation in Local Vacuum pressure of c.1mbar (high vacuum is 5x10-1 - 1x10-1 mbar).

Precision robotics
Precision handling of the head of the Ebflow system.
Can be mounted flexibly, e.g. on circular tracks.

Local seal
Seals around the welding head create the coarse vacuum.
A box seal is provided for the rear of the weld.

Fast, flexible welding
Fast longitudinal and circumferential welds are possible on large work pieces. The Local Vacuum nature of Ebflow is particularly suitable for large tubular thick section material.

High productivity welding is an important factor influencing the economics of fabrication of large structures destined for use in the pressure vessel and off¬shore and heavy engineering fabrication industries. Electron beam welding is a process which offers significant benefits in terms of productivity increases and repeatability/accuracy in the fabrication of large, heavy wall structures. To date the use of this process has been limited by the need for a vacuum chamber of appropriate dimensions.

What is Ebflow?

Ebflow brings all the advantages of Electron Beam Welding to steel structures of unlimited size. The natural next step in CVE’s product offering, it brings the following advantages: